Upcoming Book Titles

Book 2: Juice Fasting Detoxification: As a follow up to Latkes In The Jungle, Jill explains how to detoxify the body using natural means, such as fresh vegetable and fruit juices, Green Smoothies with Spirulina, Colon Hydrotherapy and Coffee Enemas.....doesn't sound so appetizing, but it could save your life.

Book 3: Following Their Lead: How to allow your young children to guide you to what they truly need. How to be firm without being angry! Holistic doesn't always mean just food, but that is a large part of keeping everyone healthy and strong. Staying focused on your health and wellness while raising children is crucial. 

Book 4: Travel That Heals: It's the magical organic food of the true romance of life, as long as you  pick your trips carefully. I like places like Sicily, where many of the farms are organic. Now there are even more of these farm-stays all over the world. There are ways you can work on the farm for room and board. What a deal!

Book 5: How to Live in the Now: It's not just about breaking out into a happy dance. You can learn how to stay present in a feeling of joy that comes from within. I'm student of Prem Rawat, who teaches people how to find an inner peace and contentment right inside. No mantras, no religion, no money.

...and more to come!